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A few weeks ago, I shared some pictures and videos about the launch of Daniel Henkel’s line of skin care. As you may have noticed on my stories, I was invited to a grandiose launch event where Ms. Henkel herself was here to talk about her new project. She also took the opportunity to talk about what beauty is in general and about wellness.


The number of new products coming out on the market is countless, but taking the time to explain the components of the product, the idea behind each ingredient or the packaging, for example, makes all the difference.
At the end of the event, we were asked to complete a small questionnaire that would help them determine our skin type in order to send us an appropriate cure. I received mine when I was in Indonesia so when I was back, I took the time to test each product and share my impressions with you.

Among my favorites, the cream eye contour. I really needed it so I was glad to see it was part of my box. Dark circles do not disappear by magic but this area is well hydrated thanks to hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.
Also, I enjoyed applying the velvet mask especially on returning from a trip to the sun. This mask is perfect for a hydration bath and this is what I needed at this time. Let’s say the timing was excellent!


Finally, the rose glow mist is a must in my opinion no matter the type of skin. with or without make up on, I like to apply it on my face to simply feel fresh and well rested. I think if they had a handbag format, I would have carried around with me.

Daniel Henkel products are available on line and in pharmacies.

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I got used to hearing about post partum depression or simply post partum, when I was pregnant. I thought to myself that I would not go through it, after all I was surrounded with a strong support system. Now, i realize that it has nothing to do with my family being there, that each person has their own way of living it. I decided to openly talk about it because I see that I am not the only one to live such an experience. If it can bring comfort to the new mommies, all the best. We all need some comfort! First of, becoming a mother, is a lot of things! The first days, it is very hard to get used to the new routine, especially when you are breast-feeding. I felt a bit “limited” to always perform the same actions and to have my breast out there all day long (this includes nights as well). Three months after I gave birth, i noticed that I was loosing a lot of hair. At first, I did not make the link that it was related to giving birth, then it hit me. My hair was everywhere. I was not able to let it down anymore. The more it fell the sadder I got. I cried in the morning when I woke up and at night before sleeping. It is hard enough to regain self confidence when so much has changed but also having to deal with the hair loss, i became very sad. Today, my daughter is 6 months old, my hair loss is gradually stopping but stil waiting on it to grow back. I ended up accepting it (no choice) and I still wonder wether i should cut my hair or not.

What you read above, I wrote it a few months ago. I never published the article. Today, my hair begins to grow back and it comforts me a bit. I finally decided to publish it because I get lots of messages from new moms and I want to reassure them. Unfortunately, nothing can be done to stop the hair loss. On the other hand, I assure you that after that, your hair will grow back pretty fast.

Sending you love xox

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As I get closer to thirty, my skin has different needs. It is always thirsty for hydration, and some of us automatically think of anti aging products when our skin demands a mixture of products that will make feel and look radiant and hydrated. Today, I’d like to share with you one of my all time favourite face products: HYDRAGENIST by Lierac. I fell in love with the packaging at first, but you will tell me that’s not enough (you will understand when you see the cute pink pots, so cute!). Then, I tested both the texture and the smell which represents well the cream itself. A soothing perfume of fresh roses and white flowers that I immediately loved: it is both fresh and delicate. At last, HYDRAGENIST is launching a new line of four products for different needs that target different needs including pulping the skin. The hydrating aquabaum SOS destined to drier more mature skin types, the hydrating cream is targeting women with dry to very dry skin type, the hydrating serum is ideal to provide a boost of hydration and lastly, the gel-cream is best for dry to mixed skin types. The last two products are my favourites, especially the gel-cream which contains rice powder that creates a mattifying long-lasting effect.
What about your skin needs? Let me know

PS: New line will be released on august 10th

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Our skin is in constant need for hydration, and it is more than usual the case during summer, especially when we are exposed to direct sun, that we are pregnant and want to avoid stretch marks. This amazing body oil from Nuxe is a certified favorite of mine: I use it as a hydrating oil after sun exposure and I also use it on my hair. It is of course part of the essentials that I brought with me to my little escape in Miami. No need to keep 5 different lotions when one can do the job outstandingly (or should I say the jobs)! What I also love about this oil is it’s delicious sent. I also enjoyed playing with the shimmery version (which gives the same effect but adds a glamorous look to the skin) by applying it in the beach to my chest or legs when wearing a dress or shorts.

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