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Today, we will be sharing with you a shaving product, when I saying we, I mean Zak and I. So for the ladies that would like for their man to have a beautiful looking beard, this on if for you!
GROOM products are Montreal based products for men, handmade and 100% natural. As you probably know, i pay close attention to what I put on my face so why not get the husband on that bandwagon! In fact, he knows how much I love his beard so he keeps it a bit for me and to do so, he needs to take care of it on a daily basis. A beard takes time to grow and requires close attention (women are not the only ones that have to invest time into haircare apparently!).
About a month ago, Zak started testing some products; his opinion: after testing all the products, he has two favourites. First on it the pre-shaving oil: he says that it softens the hair and makes the shaving process easier to accomplish. He also loved the post-shaving lotion: the smell can come off strong but fades away very quickly and leaves a soft and smooth feel to the skin. Also, no sign of irritation or pimples after adopting these products! These are true winners and have become a staple that Zak plans on using again!



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Beurre Being way too sick to be part of the spring lunch of Montreal brand Dot & Lil, I was yet able to get in touch with them to arrange for a visit of their showroom and backstage. I think it is even better since I had the chance to review more in depth the whole collection, which I shared with you on snapchat.rice fower body oil

Dot & Lill specialize in bath, body and home items which are all handmade. There are many components that I loved throughout this private tour:

  • The unique and fresh scents. My favorites are Lilac and Rice flower.
  • Many products can be used for different purposes and I love that concept: for example, the body oil can also be used as a hair treatment.
  • The original candles in tea cups: not only is it an original addition to your home, but they are made out of soya wax which allows you to use the tea cup after burning the candle.

Since I visited their showroom, I haven’t stopped using their Lilac scented Shea body butter (80% Shea butter+ sweet almond + vitamin E) as well as my scented rice flower oil and I am a big fan of both! I strongly suggest you take a look at the array of products available. I am certain you will be charmed just as I am!

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