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Since the birth of Rania, my diaper bag is not practical at all. I must say that the one that I had came with my Bugaboo and that I adopted it by default. However, on the practical side, it’s not the best bag you can have: no pocket and not big enough.

Recently, I found THE bag I needed:

  • It does not even look like it’s a change bag,
  • It is so beautiful that Zak wants to wear it (yes, it’s a plus)
  • It is practical to wear: either on the back or as a shoulder strap on the side,
  • It has plenty of interior and exterior compartments.

To have a look at this beauty, you can click here.

Moreover, on the e-shop, you can discover a multitude of clothes and accessories for your little ones. The entrepreneur behind this company started because she could not find what she wanted for her daughter; ie simple but stylish clothes. You will see through the articles she offers that it is exactly the style of When We Wear Young.

21 July 2017 0 comment
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A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to discover the new Baby Dry diapers from Pampers and I promised to tell you a little more and to give you some tips to keep in mind about sleep.
During the presentation, I learned more about sleeping babies; which also helped me understand the stages of Rania’s sleep. I feel happy to have an “easy” baby but when we have to sleep, it’s a different story.

Did you know that a baby can urinate up to 12 times a night? Since he is more likely to wake up after wetting his diaper, calculate the number of times your little angel (which turns into a little devil at night) can wake you up. The record of Rania, if my memory is good, is eight awakenings. It does not really give me time to rest, indeed. When I learned that the new Pampers Baby Dry layer offered up to 12 hours of protection, I immediately wanted to try it.

What helps this layer to meet the challenge is the design of the three absorbing sails that compose it. It evenly distribute humidity and prevent it from being the cause of your child’s awakening. A dry baby will sleep longer.
At first, the layer appeared thinner than the one I used. One can easily jump to conclusions and say that it absorbs less but a thicker layer does not necessarily mean more absorption. The new technology of the Baby Dry layer consists of a super absorbent gel, which makes it possible to have a thinner layer while relying on better absorption and comfort.

Rania drinks a lot before sleeping. Since I’m using the new Baby Dry, there has been no overflow. The promise is respected. Andrea Strang, a sleep specialist, advised us to avoid a change of diapers during the night (something that I used to do before). A very absorbent diaper is needed which allows the baby to continue sleeping without being disturbed. Here are two other tips that she has given us: prefer a very dark environment when sleeping and avoid accumulated fatigue. Besides, since this presentation, I make sure to have all the lights off when I sleep Rania and I put her in bed as soon as I see signs of fatigue (especially when she rubs her eyes) .

This article is sponsored as part of a collaboration with Pampers but all opinions are mine.

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I got used to hearing about post partum depression or simply post partum, when I was pregnant. I thought to myself that I would not go through it, after all I was surrounded with a strong support system. Now, i realize that it has nothing to do with my family being there, that each person has their own way of living it. I decided to openly talk about it because I see that I am not the only one to live such an experience. If it can bring comfort to the new mommies, all the best. We all need some comfort! First of, becoming a mother, is a lot of things! The first days, it is very hard to get used to the new routine, especially when you are breast-feeding. I felt a bit “limited” to always perform the same actions and to have my breast out there all day long (this includes nights as well). Three months after I gave birth, i noticed that I was loosing a lot of hair. At first, I did not make the link that it was related to giving birth, then it hit me. My hair was everywhere. I was not able to let it down anymore. The more it fell the sadder I got. I cried in the morning when I woke up and at night before sleeping. It is hard enough to regain self confidence when so much has changed but also having to deal with the hair loss, i became very sad. Today, my daughter is 6 months old, my hair loss is gradually stopping but stil waiting on it to grow back. I ended up accepting it (no choice) and I still wonder wether i should cut my hair or not.

What you read above, I wrote it a few months ago. I never published the article. Today, my hair begins to grow back and it comforts me a bit. I finally decided to publish it because I get lots of messages from new moms and I want to reassure them. Unfortunately, nothing can be done to stop the hair loss. On the other hand, I assure you that after that, your hair will grow back pretty fast.

Sending you love xox

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When I went to Morocco, I left a lot of Rania’s clothes in Montreal thinking that it would be too big for her anyways. I said to myself it would fit her by the time we get back here. Bad news: once we got here, most of the clothing was either too small or too tight for her so we had to get ride of them although she never had the chance to wear them.

I am happy to start my kids clothing segment of the blog by introducing Kid’s Stuff. I find their concept very practical, especially after what I told you about previously. The concept introduces evolving clothes for kids, made in Montreal for kids between 6 months to 4 years. I really liked the quality of the material used (which is also Eco friendly) plus these are unisex outfits. Rania seemed to be super comfortable in her little outfit that I would have loved to wear myself.

I strongly advise you to take a look at Kid’s Stuff’s on their Etsy Shop. 

6 February 2017 2 comments
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